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Who Is GNE Massage

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Our Vision

Our vision at GNE Massage & Wellness Spa is simple. We strive to bring balance, healing and wellness through the profound power of touch. Every day our clients come in seeking relief from daily stress and chronic pain. We love seeing the dramatic transformations of our clients when they visit us. After a massage or spa treatment our clients always leave calm, relaxed, pain free and with a smile on their face. We are proud to be that place they turn to when it is all becoming a little too much.

The Story

At the core of our success from the beginning has been the referrals and support from our current clients. Many of our clients have been with GNE Massage and Wellness Spa from the very beginning! We love that. I started GNE Massage to create an experience that was nurturing for both the client and the therapist.

Too many establishments are concerned about the bottom line with no focus on the client or therapist experience. Clients are rushed in and out, not getting the best service that they deserved and were paying for! At GNE Massage we promote health and wellness a natural approach to better health and a great way to celebrate yourself! It's our belief that receiving regular bodywork promotes a balanced body and mind and that your massage should be as unique as you are.

What to Expect

GNE Massage and Wellness Spa provides a variety services and spa treatments that work together to enhance your mood and to achieve your ultimate health, wellness and fitness goals. In addition, we provide Spa Parties and Luxury Massage packages. Geared to help you celebrate with massage. Discuss any particular issue or concern you have with your therapist and we'll employ the best tools from our individual “tool box” to address your needs. We tailor a treatment plan to meet your individual needs by integrating various massage therapies and spa treatments providing a customized session in our beautiful studio or in the comfort of your own home or our office.


Our success is built on trust, expertise, professionalism, a passion for helping others and a personal touch that puts the well-being of our clients first. You get the best of both worlds with our signature "Spa Therapy Services" (A Fusion of Spa Treatments and Therapeutic Massage Services). These are expertly curated services that combine many of our offerings to generate a feeling of true healing, recovery, relaxation, relief and tranquility. All this while experiencing an amazing massage!